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Chocolate Fountain Hire  (Greater Brisbane region)







We offer chocolate fountain hires in the greater Brisbane area. We also have customers hiring from us who live outside this area, who are prepared to collect equipment themselves directly from us.  Everything can fit into the back seat of a car, after all.



Chocolate fountains are a fantastic feature of any event. Here marshmallows, strawberries, grapes, cherries, bananas, pineapple, macadamia nuts, licorice, waffles, wafers or other favoured, non-crumbling finger foods are speared on long, thin wooden skewers and happily dipped into the flowing chocolate, delighting everyone involved. We can supply everything except for the fruits or foods used. The fountain can also provide warm chocolate that can be ladled onto treats such as ice cream, puddings or cakes.


Chocolate fountains add a unique charm to the day, radiating a real “Wow!” factor. An increasingly popular practice is to use the cascading chocolate as a replacement for – or an adjunct to – the dessert in meal packages offered by reception centres. Please note the fountains need to be used either indoors or in an enclosed marquee. Wind and direct sun can otherwise affect the smooth texture of the flowing chocolate.


Another interesting feature of the fountain is the delicious chocolate scent that emanates from it. In an enclosed hall, this gradually permeates the entire area around it, greatly enhancing the unique charm of your event. Often we hear words from clients to the effect of


“I’ve forgotten just about everything that happened on the night, but I’ll never forget the adorable aroma from the chocolate fountain!”





  1. $170   Four tier, 70cm high fountain: Holds two and a half up to five kgs of chocolate
  2. $200   Five tier, 86cm high fountain: Holds from four up to six kgs of chocolate.
  3. $250   Seven tier, 120cm high fountain, very impressive to look at: Holds from five up to eight kgs of chocolate.


Note: Whatever fountain is chosen, should the chocolate within it slowly begin to be depleted as the event unfolds, extra can simply be added to it, if you wish.


The above prices are if you collect the fountain yourself from our base at Slacks Creek (near Logan Ikea). Pickups can occur any day from the Wednesday before the party onwards for the same price, with returns being made on either the Sunday or the Monday following the event.


Additional information is as follows:


DELIVERY COSTS:  If you wish us to deliver and then recollect the equipment for you, please add $80 for Brisbane southside; $100 for Ipswich or Brisbane northside (we don’t deliver to the Gold Coast, you will need to collect the equipment yourself).


  1. Please note the fountains themselves are easy enough to set up, no special skills are required. Full written instructions are given with every hire.
  2. Regarding finger foods, the cheapest option is for you to provide your own supplies for the fountain, whatever you want. For example, marshmallows can be purchased directly from Coles, Woolies or any sweets store (to find such places in your area, simply do a Google search for “Confectionery warehouse” to find the closest one to you). Other recommended foods are fruits in season such as strawberries, cherries, grapes or bananas; licorice; soft lollies; dried apricots; etc. It’s really only limited by your imagination. Hmm, for the adventurous adults out there, I wonder what chocolate covered cheese would taste like?
  3. Chocolate prices: $30 per kg. Please note you’re more than welcome to supply your own chocolate, there’s no need to buy from us. Any nice tasting chocolate that you like is fine.Note each kg typically caters for around 25 to 30 people. Should there be any unused chocolate at the end of the night, simply pour it into plastic containers such as ice cube trays and freeze it at your home for delicious desserts later on. It’ll store for months in the freezer.
  4. Cleaning of the fountain is easily done whilst the chocolate is still soft by carrying it to a sink and washing the chocolate away under warm running water, using paper towels or Chux. It takes around five minutes. Please note our larger fountains are readily disassembled into their component pieces in mere seconds, making the job even easier. For the ultimate decadence, why not hire both a chocolate fountain as well as a $150 double barrel frozen cocktail machine? A wonderful and interesting contrast of taste temptors to delight everyone. Everything can sit on the back seat of your car.


INTERNET SPECIAL: For a limited time, if you mention this ad to us, customers hiring a chocolate fountain can also hire one of our 10,000 song portable video clip jukeboxes for just $99. These give much better range of music and quality sound than Ipods, etc. Ask also about our PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE if you wish highest qualities photos of your event that can be cherished forever.



                                                                                    “Forget love – I’d rather fall for chocolate!”


                                                                                   “There is nothing better than a friend – especially a friend with chocolate!”


              “If I eat equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate, is that a balanced diet?”


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