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Frozen Cocktail Machine Hire (Greater Brisbane region)


Why hire a frozen cocktail machine (also known as a frozen daiquiri or slushie machine)?

Well, at most parties, you’ll drink mainly beer, wine or soft drinks. And we all know drinking heaps of beer isn’t necessarily a good party drink for the boys, especially when they’re unfamiliar with the location of the bathroom! Slow things down a little by enticing everyone with some exotic frozen cocktails – with or without alcohol, the choice is yours. Often people like a break from drinking beer or wine anyway, so presenting the option of a frozen cocktail machine at a party is a nice gesture.

We have two different packages as follows,

  1. 28 litre package,where we supply 28 litres of flavoured mix, suitable for parties around 50 or 60 people. Extra lots of mix are available for larger parties.
  2. 14 litre package,where we supply a total of 14 litres of flavoured mix, suitable for parties of around 30 or so people.

With every slushie hire, we can supply a free stand for the machine if needed.

Vodka or Bacardi are most commonly added to the machines, although almost any liquor you like can be used such as Malibu, Tequila or Midori, depending on the mix you’re using. There are no hard and fast rules here, the all important thing being simply your own personal taste. We supply everything except for the alcohol, with the average amount needed being two 700ml bottles per flavour, although basically you can use whatever quantity you want. Some people prefer it a little stronger, some a little weaker, no big deal either way. Please click on the icon below to view the attached frozen cocktail machine flavour list.

The slushie machines are excellent also for children’s parties, where no alcohol is used (creating mocktails). Children can get a lot of fun also from mixing the two flavours, adding half a cup of slush from one bowl to half a cup from the other, creating a unique flavoured drink. A nice treat for them.

Contact us now to add this very “cool” item to your next event. Providing a frozen cocktail machine for guests at your party is certainly a thoughtful gesture, something they’ll appreciate and remember.

INTERNET SPECIAL: For a limited time, if you mention this ad to us, for every slushie hire you make, you can deduct $50 from any chocolate fountain hire price quoted to you, should you wish to also hire a fountain for the ultimate party extravaganza.


“You’re not fully drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on”