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Jukebox Hire (Greater Brisbane region)

“Your jukebox really made a success of our party. It had heaps of songs, sounded great and its touchscreen menu made it so simple to use. And everyone remarked that it actually looked like a real jukebox – not like some sort of boxy video game cabinet most other companies have!”

Servicing the area from Nerang in the south through to the northern suburbs of Brisbane, our jukebox hire machines are easy to use and are recognized as possessing an excellent sound quality, certainly better than most. Every jukebox we hire has external, high set speakers on long leads, enhancing the sound dispersion.

Jukebox Tips: We believe it’s essential that head high speakers are used in order to best cover a crowded area with high quality sound. External speakers also can be flexibly positioned many metres apart, in the corners for example, allowing the sound to flow seamlessly across a room.

We don’t recommend one piece jukeboxes. Music from such machines with low set, internal speakers blasting your kneecaps will inevitably become muffled and lost in a busy area, meaning your guests at the party will tend to screw the volume up ever higher trying to compensate. Beware also of jukeboxes featuring external speakers whose operators don’t bother placing them at head height using proper adjustable speaker stands. There’s no way that a set of speakers on the ground will sound as good as ones in the air.

Ensure also the speakers you listen to are of the fifteen inch variety. Twelve inch speakers are fine for a smaller region, but if you value good bass coverage right across a larger or more crowded area, then fifteens are superior by virtue of their larger size.

Ask about our advanced electronic lock out feature, giving you total control of the jukebox. Party pests are thus unable to delete songs or alter volumes, something that can be a real irritation at some functions.

Pricing: Costs range from $150 through to $280, depending upon which option you choose. If you send us an enquiry via the “Enquiries and Bookings” form on page 10 of this website, we’ll be pleased to confirm our latest prices plus also send colour photos of the equipment, allowing you to make the most informed choice possible. By contacting us this way via the internet, we can thus respond to you with much more information as compared to a quick phone call.


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