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Karaoke Hire (Greater Brisbane region)

Jukeboxes are great but a jukebox plus karaoke adds an extra dimension to the festivity. Participation is the name of the game. Watching your tipsy friends sing along to their favourite songs (some in tune and some out!) can be very entertaining indeed.

Though some people shy away from karaoke, it generally only takes one person at a party to break the ice, then everyone is into it. Who cares what your voice sounds like anyway – getting involved and having fun is what it’s all about. Life’s too short to worry about the small things. Be who you are, say what you feel and sing when you want because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

Our equipment allows one or two people to sing simultaneously, heightening the high jinks. We use professional, high quality microphones unlike cheap, generic ones commonly supplied elsewhere. When used in conjunction with our head high, fifteen inch speakers, perhaps adding a touch of echo or reverb – our karaoke outperforms other cheaper systems, making everyone sound like Elvis or Britney!

We’re also one of the few companies in Queensland offering recent songs in karaoke format – most karaoke out there tends to be the older songs. As for the equipment, we recommend use of the full karaoke jukebox, that contains thousands of jukebox songs together with thousands of karaoke ones. This facilitates heaps of flexibility during the evening, when karaoke and jukebox sessions can be happily and freely alternated, keeping everyone smiling. The best of both worlds.


“Always keep a song in your heart to help offset the chattering voices in your head.”


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