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Party DJ Hire

Party DJ Hire (Greater Brisbane region)


Great music can poetically be described as the pure algebra of captivation and enchantment. As Albert Einstein – arguably one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century – once said,

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. That which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. It allows my mind to soar above the clouds in glorious harmony to the very beat of the universe, facilitating the impenetrable to become penetrable, the unfathomable to become fathomable, the impossible to suddenly become not just possible but probable…”

So we all know that music is more than it seems; more than simply a stream of vibrations busily hammering our eardrums. Thus music choice at a function is indeed a critical factor, that can either make or break a party. This is where a professional DJ earns his keep, playing an often underrated yet important role in determining the success or otherwise of your event.

We’re often asked “What’s the difference between hiring a DJ or getting a jukebox?”. In a nutshell, the answers are:

  1. A DJ gives a more personalised service but a jukebox is generally cheaper.
  2. A DJ gives a more controlled, “professional” image to a function compared to a jukebox that gives more of an informal “fun” factor.
  3. A DJ is present for a specified period of time, say 4, 5 or 6 hours – but jukeboxes are mostly delivered either the day before – or the morning of – the party and picked up the day after.
  4. A DJ will tend to moderate the music flow, playing it in appropriate groups or waves, such as a session of softer dinner music, followed by a session of louder dance music, etc – thus preventing a stoccato effect of inappropriate songs being played at the wrong moment or at the wrong volume.

PRICING: We keep it simple, with no hidden charges. The full DJ service is $400 for the first four hours and $50 per hour thereafter (or part thereof). This’ll give you the total package, including coloured lighting, cordless mics and heaps of great music played through our highest quality fifteen inch speakers and professional audio system. Much better sounding than an Ipod hooked up to your typical domestic speakers.

Ask also about our affordable PHOTOGRAHIC SERVICE, if you want highest quality photos of your function that can be treasured forever.


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